We were from out of town so we had limited time to look for our second home. Cindy went out of her way to drop whatever she was doing and meet us when we had an availability. We feel she took a personal interest in us from the day we first met. She took the time to get to know us so she had a better idea of what we were looking for in a home. She said she had “found it” and she was 100% correct. From the moment she drove up in front of the house we both knew “this was the house”. She continued to guide us through finding the right loan officer and getting through escrow. She was still immediately answering our calls after we moved in. Cindy always treated us with respect and no questions were left unanswered.    Alan and Angela B.

****BEST AGENT EVER**** There are NO words to explain the dedication, persistence, perseverance and organization of this agent. Being self employed and not having normal tax returns I needed to use an alternative type of loan. After a 45 day escrow my original loan fell through. Cindy was  able to find a new source for my loan, calm a growingly frustrated seller and keep it all together while we sought alternate funding. Cindy was instrumental in getting our loan procured, getting the appropriate insurance, keeping the sellers from walking away from the deal on numerous occasions and making sue that any agreed upon repairs were done correctly. So I forgot to mention that I am in the Los Angeles area and Cindy has taken care of EVERYTHING fro me almost 500 miles away. Cindy has taken care of getting us estimates for a fence, for hardwood floors, for basic handyman work and she even met with and helped set up the cable TV and internet while my wife and I worked in Southern California. Cindy even noted some irregularities in the lot configuration and went to the county to try to figure our or lot lines to make sure we know what the property really looked like. This is far above and beyond an agents job description. Even after our escrow FINALLY closed about 3 1/2 months after our offer was accepted, she has continued to help us with local vendors, helping vendors get into the property as we are not physically there to do so ourselves, She continues to get us copies of the estimates and continues to volunteer to help us. I am now a month after closing escrow and Cindy has offered to go to the property to let the hardwood flooring company into the house a few days prior to our arrival and will do so for any future vendors as well. I have been informed by Cindy that, ” I am your agent for life” and I will do whatever I can to help. Lets just say that this is the 5th house I have ever purchased. It was by far the hardest loan experience I have ever been a part of; primarily due my own issues with how I pay myself while being self employed, the lack of attention to detail with a different lender and somehow the agent of MIRACLES (Cindy MacLean) made this deal happen. If I was my real estate agent and I was faced with my problems and setbacks, I would have let me go and walked away from me a long time ago, but Cindy did the opposite and worked even harder to make sure that we achieved our dream of this Lake Tahoe vacation home. I highly recommend and encourage you to seek the best agent possible and I can assure you that Cindy MacLean is the best there is to offer in regards to any and all of your real estate needs. I could have never gotten the house without her and it would be virtually impossible to have the upgrades completed that I am doing now, without her assistance. Cindy MacLean is the best possible agent you could ask for. Call her and the rest will be easy and even if it is not so easy; she has the experience, the contacts and the desire to help; whatever your situation may be.  Dr. J. Bird

My husband and I decided to move to the Lake Tahoe area from Southern California. We wanted to be closer to our kids and new grandson. We new after searching we could not afford what we were looking for in the Bay Area. After a vacation in South Lake Tahoe, we felt that it was the perfect place to  find our new home. We could be closer to our kids and they could also come visit and enjoy the year round activities of the area. I started searching for a Real Estate Agent online and found Cindy MacLean. Upon reading her Bio-right away I had a good feeling about her and that we had a lot in common. Cindy set up several home tours and showed us the difference between the local neighborhoods and communities. She would send us videos of homes she new we would like, while we were back home getting our house ready for sale. We were able to sell our house in Southern California right away. We packed up and moved everything to storage and lived in our RV. Cindy would come pick us up at the campground and take us to see homes. She was determined to get us out of the motorhome and into a new house. Cindy was extremely knowledgeable about the area and styles of homes, which was very helpful to us in making our decision. She helped us find our perfect home. Having been in the mortgage loan business for 30 years, I would definitely recommend her and have already, to friends, neighbors and family.  Corrie O.

Cindy MacLean recently sold our Tahoe vacation home. Selling a property can be stressful for the owners but Cindy guided us thru all the many steps up to Close of Escrow. She was available for all our questions and concerns. She was there with opinions, suggestions and options for which were grateful. Thank you again Cindy. Roger & Joyce W.

Cindy is a very knowledgeable and professional real estate agent. She was a pleasure to work with and did a great job for me and my wife. Her market knowledge and advice was very helpful during the selling process.   R. Dias

Five stars for Cindy MacLean. I am the proud owner of a beautiful home in South Lake Tahoe due – in great part – to my real estate agent, Cindy MacLean. Working with a first time buyer who had been looking for years but had not made the purchase, Cindy had her work cut out. With her many qualities – she is straight forward, personable, energetic, mature, and very patient– I felt great confidence with Cindy at first meeting. We found my dream home on the second trip out. My home has great curb appeal that brought considerable attention. With Cindy’s strategic knowledge about the housing market, she made judicious suggestions about the value of this property, our timing, and the offer. I trusted her instincts and we were accepted the next day. At all points of the buying process, I found Cindy detail-oriented, very knowledgeable about the community, and well connected with local real estate-related professionals, including TRPA , BMP, the Building and Planning Department, and other Tahoe-centric agencies. Cindy was an advocate for my interests, hiring thorough inspectors, resourcing excellent contractors for bids, negotiating repairs, and following up with every detail right through to the closing – and beyond. While I lived in the Bay Area at the time of escrow, I felt close to the action with open lines of communication at all times. Cindy is the consummate real estate professional – and friend and neighbor. I highly recommend her to any prospective buyer or seller.  Eileen F.

Cindy sold my family home in 48 hours! Her experience and dedication to her career is amazing. Cindy’s attention to detail is exemplary. She was available to answer all of my questions/concerns promptly. She displayed excellent communication and written skills throughout escrow and even followed up after the sale was completed. I would highly recommend Cindy MacLean as your future realtor!  Rita M.

We were referred to Cindy by a realtor friend in the Central Valley for the sale of our vacation home in South Lake Tahoe. In the past we have had some not so pleasant experiences with other realtors and didn’t want to pick some out of a hat. The referral really paid off. Cindy is very professional, prompt and personable. She conducts her business with the utmost integrity. Her attention to detail and her knowledge of the area surpassed our expectations. She was able to facilitate a 30 day escrow. She went above and beyond in the sale of our vacation home. We would highly recommend Cindy to any prospective seller or buyer.   D. Johnson

Cindy MacLean is very competent, knowledgeable and friendly. She knows the neighborhood of Lake Tahoe area very well. Cindy was very patient as she showed me multiple homes, and I couldn’t decide on any of them. It took me almost a year to finally decide on buying my first home, and Cindy was always there for me, arranging appointments to see any house I wanted, even if it was not in my price range, just for me that I could have comparison, what I can expect for the right price. Once I put an offer, she guided my every step, set up all my inspections, advised about contractors, remodeling the house. Now that our business is over, I consider Cindy as a friend and I would recommend her to anyone who wants to buy a house.   A. Flores

Cindy was excellent in our purchase of a Tahoe home. Very knowledgeable and responsive to all our questions. We enjoyed working with her as a realtor. We would highly recommend her to other buyers and sellers in Tahoe.               Craig and Valerie D.

Cindy was very knowledgeable and extremely accommodating since we are out-of-town buyers. Her willingness to be helpful and resourceful was admirable. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who is interested in buying in South lake Tahoe.    Elias and Sonia A.

Cindy was absolutely wonderful! We worked with her for almost a year trying to find a second home in Lake Tahoe. We live in Maryland so we were not always available to preview new listings. After working with Cindy for just a short time she knew exactly what we were looking for and it was great working with someone that knew so much about the area. She previewed new listings for us and let us know if it was a home we would consider. We finally settled on a home in Incline Village and the entire transaction was great. Cindy was there every step of the way and she did the final walk through, inspection and followed up on the repair work. We could not have done this without her. We will work with Cindy again in the future when we decide to sell and upgrade. We highly recommend Cindy MacLean if you are looking to purchase anywhere in Lake Tahoe area.   Kurt and Linda W.

Cindy was knowledgeable, patient and always positive. She was our voice of reason. Her experience and advice was priceless. We developed a trusting relationship and made a friend forever.   Janet Carlow

My sister and I were faced with selling our mother’s house while living 5 hours from South Lake Tahoe. Another factor was that we had a limited time to sell. Cindy always worked for the best outcome; she presented her proposal, plans, and suggestions professionally and respected our wishes. She was extremely prompt in answering our phone calls and emails. The day we said we were ready to sell, Cindy delivered a Comparative Market Analysis to us that evening. Cindy helped us stage the house so it looked like something out of House Beautiful. She really has a wonderful knack and eye for showing the heart of a property. Cindy also worked with the photographer to set our property apart from the rest of the market. Selling our mother’s house was an extremely emotional time for us. Cindy was very understanding, patient and supportive. Cindy surpassed our expectations. She was always personable, trustworthy, professional and has great communication skills. Cindy knows South Lake Tahoe with exquisite expertise because she has both lived there for 12 years and she works there. We heartily recommend Cindy as your real estate agent.       Charlene Gibson and Jeanne Nahs

We knew Cindy for a long time before we began shopping for a home and knew we could depend on her. After helping us sell our house she was very patient with us and understood our needs very well. She helped us get an excellent price on a home that is perfect for us. We would recommend Cindy for anyone in the residential real estate market.   Madonna and Michael Doyle

My wife and I were searching for a real estate agent in South Lake Tahoe, when we came across Cindy’s online profile. We had previously called another agent or two and they seemed somewhat disinterested to speak with us much over the phone, suggested that we come into the office and cut the conversation short. Cindy understood that we were trying to purchase a home in the area while living a few hours away. From our first conversation, we knew she was the right agent for us. Cindy attentively listened to what we were looking for in a house and provided a number of listings that met our search criteria. Her knowledge of the various submarkets in South Lake Tahoe was a real asset. As we were coming from out of town, we were unable to make multiple trips to the area to see potential homes. Cindy did an excellent job of preparing all of the showings ahead of time and did not waste time with houses that did not meet our needs. She was very helpful with the process, as we were first time home buyers, and walked us through the offer, contract and closing procedures. When the deal looked like it might start to go sideways (as a result of financing), Cindy provided helpful suggestions to get us back on track. Working with Cindy was a pleasure and she really went above and beyond our expectations.     Jordan and Courtney K. 

My husband and I were wanting to purchase a home in South Lake Tahoe and my husband contacted Cindy via the internet. From our first contact with Cindy she was very personable, professional and trustworthy. We live about 2 1/2 hours from Lake Tahoe so we needed someone with great communication skills and a living/working knowledge of South Lake Tahoe to help us find the perfect home and Cindy surpassed our expectations. After meeting and talking with her she spent the day showing us homes so that she could get a clear understanding of what we were looking for and after that she was on the hunt for us! We really trusted her and knew that she had our best interests in mind and that she understood what kind of a home we were looking for….and she nailed it! A perfect home came on the market and Cindy contacted us immediately, I think she was as excited as we were.
I can’t say enough positive things about our experience working with Cindy. She is number one is our book and we would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a home in the Tahoe area.
Tina O. and Troy M.

We just wanted to let you know that we appreciated your effort and patience working with us on finding a home in Tahoe – everything seemed to go smoothly and it was not a stressful experience at all – which we know that it can be. Thanks!
Christine D. and Jay C.

We would like to thank you for your help in navigating the realty maze. You made the whole process easy. Your attention to detail and keeping us informed was truly appreciated. You are a Realtor extraordinaire.
Very sincerely,
Tim and Elizabeth D.

Cindy’s experience and rapport made purchasing our first home a very memorable and pleasant first time experience. Cindy was always available when we needed her and she answered all of our questions, and we had alot of questions. Cindy was, and is very professional and thorough. She made us feel like we were very important clients at all times. We appreciated the fact that even after we got into our home, Cindy did not forget about us. We highly recommend Cindy as your future real estate agent. She is a great people person and her experience and knowledge are very helpful.
Steve and Rachel K.

We lost our home in So. Lake Tahoe in the June fire in 2007. We were unsure whether we wanted to build another house or buy when we met Cindy at an Open House. She was wonderful and willing to show us some homes knowing that we were undecided about what to do. She listened to what we thought we wanted and did not waste our time showing us homes that we could not afford or that did not meet our needs. She had infinite patience for my husband’s million questions and for every one, she found an answer. As we could only be in SLT some weekends, she made herself available with little notice, and she always had a number of houses that she had already seen to show us. She helped us find not a house, but a home. We think that she is the best.
Janet and David L.

Great experience in purchasing our property on Chiapa Drive. Cindy was very helpful and patient in our search for a home. She helped us through the inspection process by lining up competent and responsive service. I would highly recommend her in the future.
Steve and Debbie W.

Mrs. MacLean fully supported our search for property in the South Lake Tahoe area. She understood our requirements and showed us about 20 properties in different areas of the City over a two week time frame. With her contacts and negotiating skills she was able to quickly close on our selected property for the price we had budgeted. She will work with you and put in the necessary time to close a deal. I would highly recommend Cindy MacLean.
Steve and Sharon O.

Great neighborhood knowledge. We had a vacation home to sell. We couldn’t have asked for an easier time quickly selling while we were living five hours away. We followed her advice and the process was painless!
Gary and Stephanie L.